What Happened to Criminal Minds’ Alex Blake? 

What Happened to Criminal Minds’ Alex Blake? 
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Fan-favorites are never forgotten.

No matter how many years pass, fans of Criminal Minds will forever remember Alex Blake and the impact she had on the show. Looking back at the many characters who have appeared on the procedural but didn't have as long of a run as the original cast, Alex Blake, portrayed by Jeanne Tripplehorn, was definitely a fan favorite and the most welcomed.

Even though the actress has since left the show, longtime viewers are still eager to see her back on their screens. Whether it will be a return to the show or some other project, it will be just as exciting and gripping.

Why Did Jeanne Tripplehorn Leave Criminal Minds?

There was no scandal behind the actress’ decision to leave, but a mutual agreement between her, whose contract was going to end, and the executives of the series. Instead of a big exit, Tripplehorn wanted for Blake to have a nice, yet heartbreaking, touch to her background, and that’s how the storyline about her son Ethan was born.

Though the decision to let Alex Blake go wasn’t popular with the viewers, since her character was a perfect fit into the BAU team, and had quite a bond with Matthew Grey Gubler’s Spencer Reid, fans had to learn to grow on other characters who came later on to replace her.

Jeanne Tripplehorn Filmography

Already an established actress when she joined the cast of Criminal Minds, Jeanne Tripplehorn had no trouble moving on quickly with her career after her two-season run ended.

The actress has since appeared in a number of television projects, including a cameo on BoJack Horseman in 2019, a role as Eleanor Schlafly in Miss America, and supporting roles as Sylvia Chamberlain in HBO's The Gilded Age and Lorraine Hartley in Prime Video 's The Terminal List in 2022.

Though the latter series was renewed for a second season despite mixed reviews from critics and audiences, the finale that Tripplehorn's character, Secretary of Defense Hartley, had on the show suggests that she won't be back for another round. The actress also did not return for the second season of The Gilded Age.

In addition to television projects, the actress has also done several films since leaving Criminal Minds. The list includes the biographical drama Little Pink House, the dramedy Gloria Bell and the 2020 comedy Ana.

Looking ahead, the actress is reportedly set to star in the upcoming FX series The Sensitive Kind, so if you're looking for something new to see the actress in, that show will be your best bet. Be sure to keep an eye out for more news and behind-the-scenes updates so you don't miss the premiere date announcement!