What Happened To Matilda? How Mara Wilson's Life Turned Out After The Iconic Role

What Happened To Matilda? How Mara Wilson's Life Turned Out After The Iconic Role
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When you become famous at a young age, everyone expects you to keep winning the pedestal, but is it that easy?

Everyone knows Mara Wilson for her brilliant performance in the Matilda movie. At that time in 1996 she was one of the most celebrated child actors.

She took part in Mrs. Doubtfire and the Miracle on 34th Street remake.

However, the most impressive role in Wilson's career as an actress is the one that really stands out – the character of Matilda.

As a child, she worked a lot, even with such legends of the industry as Martin Short, Danny DeVito, Robin Williams and some others.

Along with Tim Curry, she appeared on the red carpet at the 1995 Academy Awards. One year later she won a Young Artist Award for her performance as Matilda.

However, she vanished from the public eye shortly after 1996. In one interview on The Rosie O'Donnell Show, the host complimented Wilson for having so many acting roles at the age of just 10.

But while this was a sign of a promising acting future, Wilson's career didn't go the way many might have predicted at the time.

After her triumph as Matilda, she appeared in several other films. But then she decided to take a different path.

And even the example of her fellow child stars like Drew Barrymore and Scarlett Johansson, who continued their acting careers, didn't make her reconsider. She just decided it wasn't the right thing for her.

As it turned out, she referred to the years when she was extremely popular without any nostalgia, but with a certain degree of relief that it was all in the past.

Because she had accomplished so much as a child, she was afraid of what her life would be like after all that fame faded away.

Despite the fact that Wilson never intended to become a famous actress and wanted to stay in the dark, it seems that she is now more open to new offers, but only if there is a chance to spread a powerful message.

For example, in 2020, she made a cameo in the documentary Showbiz Kids with Jada Pinkett Smith and Cameron Boyce, discussing the disadvantages of being a child actress.