What Moments and Lines in 'Stranger Things 4' Were Improvised?

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Pretty much all the best moments were unscripted.

Sometimes going off-script can be good for the show, especially if actors are so in touch with their characters they come up with something even better than the writers can offer.

This is what happened with several moments in 'Stranger Things 4' Volume 2, according to a few insights provided by the show's writers. Here's what wasn't in the script but made it into the episodes thanks to the actors' improvisation.

"Erica, help!!!"

Lucas' desperate call for help when he realized that Vecna might have Max killed this time was improvised by Caleb McLaughlin. His performance in Volume 2 already has fans pushing him for an Emmy award.

The heartbreaking scene had Lucas giving his best shot trying to save Max's life. Even though he technically succeeded, Max ended up in a coma, clearly needing more than just Erica's help now.

"I love you, man"

The lovely exchange between Joseph Quinn's Eddie and Gaten Matarazzo's Dustin that ended with a heartfelt "I love you, man" from Eddie was improvised by Quinn, the writers revealed.

Fans believe that was the scene that "sealed Eddie's fate" as it was just too touching to hear these words from Eddie, who also urged Dustin to "never change". This was indeed the last peaceful exchange between the two, as they then proceeded to shred 'Master of Puppets' in the Upside Down while fighting "demobats". Sadly, Eddie did not survive the bat-tle… yeah, we just had to bring that pun of Dustin's back.

Jopper Kiss

Okay, the main kiss between Hopper and Joyce was most definitely scripted, but another exchange between the two appears to be improvised by Winona Ryder and David Harbour. According to the 'Stranger Things' writers, the two came up with the idea right on set on the day of filming.

No matter how dramatic and heartbreaking Volume 2 was, at least these two are canon, and it seems that Harbour and Ryder are as committed to their characters' love as fans are.

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