What Song Would Save Joseph Quinn From Vecna?

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And most importantly – is he even serious about it?

If 'Stranger Things 4' has inspired us to do anything, it's revisiting our playlists in order to determine what kind of songs are the ones to save us from our demons, not necessarily those coming from the Upside Down.

While Max Mayfield votes 'Running Up That Hill', and actress behind her, Sadie Sink, opts for Taylor Swift's 'August', Joseph Quinn (Eddie Munson) offers a really refreshing look at his own music choices.

The actor said that the song that would save him from Vecna is… Vengaboys' 'Up & Down'. Which is, you know, not the most emotional and dramatic song in the world.

While it's unclear whether Quinn is actually serious about this bold music choice, he has never offered another option. It seems that Vengaboys is his to-go track whatever happens. And many people are confident that such an iconic song leaves Vecna with no chance.

But other fans think that Joseph simply got tired of being asked about his Vecna song, which is why he would always stick to Vengaboys, no matter who's asking.

But you know who else has a song named 'Up and Down'? Joseph Quinn's newest and biggest fan. Sometimes it's just destiny, huh?

No matter the seriousness of Quinn's music choice, fans are perfectly fine with it – either as his actual Vecna song or meme material. After all, the track that saves you from the underworld monster does not necessarily have to be an overly dramatic and critically acclaimed song, right?

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