What You Thought Was a Plot Hole is Actually Attack on Titan's Best Part

What You Thought Was a Plot Hole is Actually Attack on Titan's Best Part
Image credit: Legion-Media

Attack on Titan is not a show that can be accused of having plot holes, if there were any in its four seasons. However, one of the storylines has caused heated debates.

As we know, in the final two parts of the anime, one of which was recently released, Eren's friends will try to save the world from the wrath of the Founding Titan.

And the fans wondered why, if Eren has the power over the minds of all Eldians, he cannot simply subjugate the will of his friends in order to achieve the goal of the Rumbling.

But as soon as that question was asked, the anime gave us an answer. The fact of the matter is that one of the main concepts of the series is the acquisition of freedom.

Eren, who spent his whole life inside the walls of Maria, Rose and Sina, had a passionate dream of freedom, a dream he later shared with Armin.

At first, he wanted to get rid of the Titans, and later, after learning the truth, he wanted to be rid of Marley.

As a result, he concluded that the only way to free his people from long-term bondage was to destroy the oppressors and wipe them and their cities from the face of the earth – "In order to obtain freedom, I will take freedom from the world" Eren said.

If Eren's desire for the liberation of the Eldians is so strong, then why didn't he do everything in his power to make it happen? The answer given in the latest episode of the anime is so clear and concise that it leaves no room to speculate.

Eren's belief in freedom is so absolute that he simply can't go against his beliefs and take the freedom of choice away from his friends, even though he knows they will do anything to stop him.

It should also be remembered that one of the Attack Titan's abilities is being able to see the past and future of its owners, so perhaps his decision is also justified by the role his friends will play in the fate of the world?

We'll find out in the fall. That's when the last (now definitely the last) part of Attack on Titan will be released.