Whatever Happened to 'Classic Abby', Ben Shapiro's Sister, in 2023?

Whatever Happened to 'Classic Abby', Ben Shapiro's Sister, in 2023?
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No matter how many inappropriate things Abigail Shapiro says, she continues to be a popular influencer.


  • Ben Shapiro is one of the most obnoxious figures in today's media landscape, and his sister Abigail shares all of his views.
  • Her conservative agenda on social media, especially YouTube, has caused a lot of controversy.
  • Despite this, her channel continues to stay afloat with over 110,000 subscribers.

Ben Shapiro is one of the most controversial figures on the modern Internet. On the one hand, his podcast, The Ben Shapiro Show, consists almost entirely of conspiracy theories, and his hate speech against marginalized groups causes a significant number of fans to turn their backs on him every time. On the other hand, his conservative fan base is incredibly loyal and equally colossal, with millions of followers from around the world on social media.

His sister, Abigail Shapiro, has a smaller but still significant online following. In the course of her activities and the existence of her YouTube channel 'Classical Abby', in which she promotes a conservative lifestyle, Abigail has repeatedly found herself at the center of various controversies involving both her own words and the hatred directed at her, most notably anti-Semitic remarks against her in 2017. But what is Ben Shapiro's sister doing now, in 2023?

Who Is 'Classical Abby'?

First, let's take a look at what Abigail Shapiro is all about. Abigail Shapiro is the sister of Ben Shapiro, the main conspirator and conservative in the American media, and shares his views. Raised in a conservative Jewish family, Abigail promotes a 'traditional' lifestyle that denies the blurring of gender roles and promotes a sanctimonious approach where the man is the 'patriarch of the family', 'the breadwinner', and the woman is the mother and 'keeper of the hearth'.

Her videos on her YouTube channel 'Classical Abby' often focus on entertainment, fashion, makeup, and gossip, appealing to conservative women in general and a younger audience in particular.

Controversies Surrounding Abigail Shapiro

Throughout her time as an influencer, Abby has been embroiled in controversy over her own views. She has repeatedly supported her brother's views on Twitter by posting attacks on female celebrities. For example, when he posted misogynistic comments directed at Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, Abigail immediately came out in support.

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Many have repeatedly pointed out that her throwing shade at famous women is the result of inner misogyny and jealousy. She even got into a fight with fans of Madonna herself for slut-shaming the legendary pop diva.

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However, her controversial comments have become so vitriolic that a very inappropriate anti-Semitic trolling was directed at her in 2017. Whatever horrible things Abigail may have said, that is no reason to behave like her and her brother!

Abigail's Success

While her brother Ben Shapiro is a prominent figure in the conservative internet segment, his sister is a much more niche influencer. While Ben's YouTube channel has a whopping 6.56 million subscribers from conservative-minded people around the world, Abby's has only 114,000 subscribers on YouTube and 95,000 on Instagram. Still, that's not a small number!

Although each of Abigail's videos only gets a few thousand views, micro-influencers with similar audiences typically earn between $40,000 and $100,000 a year from their videos. The blogger clearly prefers to separate herself from her brother, not mentioning his contribution to her popularity and not mentioning his name at all in the videos. However, she is clearly targeting roughly the same portion of the Internet, discussing the 'classic' path of femininity and appearing in public with various controversial alt-right figures such as Jordan Peterson.

The only difference between Abigail and Ben is that her audience is predominantly conservative cis women, while Ben's focus is on men, largely due to his misogynistic remarks on social media. As for her current activities, Abigail Shapiro continues to produce videos and engage on social platforms about marriage and motherhood.