Which Stranger Things Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

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Do you have something in common with Steve Harrington or maybe you're like Stranger Things' notorious (but undeniably hot) "bad boy" Billy Hargrove?

Jim Hopper (Aries)

A natural-born leader who may be rude and abrupt or even foolhardy at times, Jim Hopper is a classic example of an Aries. Portrayed by David Harbour, this character is never afraid to face monsters — even when luck isn't on his side. Sometimes, though, his heroic efforts bring plenty of trouble to the show's other characters.

Steve Harrington (Taurus)

A Taurean is normally a down-to-earth person, looking for fulfillment in material goods and social status. Steve Harrington, the most popular boy at Hawkins High, presents a striking combination of this sign's qualities. Always concerned with how other people see him, Steve knows how to make an impression of himself and suffers from the turbulence in Hawkins more than the other characters in the show.

Robin Buckley / Will Byers (Gemini)

Gemini is believed to be a very outgoing sign who can make friends with literally anyone. Robin Buckley is a character who exhibits many Gemini traits, including intelligence and talent — remember, she was the one who helped Dustin and Steve decipher the secret code in season three. Geminis are also known for their ability to adapt, which is reflected in the character of Will Byers: after his return from the Upside Down, Will tried hard to learn as much as possible about the mysterious world of Hawkins.

Joyce Byers (Cancer)

As a rule, Cancerians are very caring and heartfelt people, always willing to empathize with and provide emotional support to their friends and family. In that respect, Joyce Byers is the one character who's most reminiscent of a Cancerian: she is loving and fiercely protective of her children. An empath by nature, Joyce is always ready to give a helping hand to those in need.

Billy Hargrove (Leo)

Billy Hargrove burst into Stranger Things' season two and immediately won the love of the show's fans. As a true Leo, Billy caught everyone's attention: he quickly dethroned the pretty sports star Steve Harrington and became the most popular lifeguard at Hawkins Community Pool. While this character has his flaws and can act smug or even rude at times, Billy Hargrove is also capable of noble deeds — we know that, in season three, Billy sacrificed his own life to save Eleven.

Nancy Wheeler (Virgo)

Mike's older sister Nancy is a typical Virgo. Responsible, hardworking and meticulous, Nancy is also a model daughter and caring sister. Like many Virgos, Natalie Dyer's character can be overly stubborn. She finds it hard to compromise, especially when she thinks she's right.

Bob Newby (Libra)

Libra is the most tactful sign that often remains passive to avoid conflicts and enjoy peace and harmony instead. Joyce's new boyfriend Bob is in many ways representative of the sign. Bob was one of the most good-hearted characters in the series — but met a very unfortunate end.

Jonathan Byers (Scorpio)

Scorpios are instinctively drawn to dark and mysterious things and can be extremely secretive and withdrawn, especially in a community that doesn't align with their ideals. Jonathan Byers, Will's older brother and major outsider at Hawkins High, has set out to explore the mysterious Upside Down world on his own. Like all Scorpios, Jonathan is very emotional and sensitive in his relationships with other people.

Max Mayfield (Sagittarius)

Billy Hargrove's younger sister, Max Mayfield, embodies many personality traits of a typical Sagittarius: the red-haired representative of the fire sign is adventurous, enthusiastic and brave. After moving to Hawkins, Max immediately attracts the attention of Michael and his friends. Her incessant energy draws her into the very center of the series' events, making Max one of the show's main characters.

Mike Wheeler (Capricorn)

Throughout the series, Mike seems to be the most practical and reliable character. At the same time, he's also empathetic to his friends — especially to Eleven. Mike's Capricorn personality helps him make the right decisions even in the most difficult situations and bear the brunt of responsibility. Despite his young age, Mike is also very smart, ambitious and pragmatic.

Dustin Henderson / Lucas Sinclair (Aquarius)

Among all the zodiac signs, Aquarians are considered to be major revolutionaries. Intelligent and resourceful, this sign's representatives can notice important things that other people never pay attention to. Lucas and Dustin are probably the most creative characters in the series: they always have a backup plan and a bunch of original solutions for any difficult situation. Like many Aquarians, Lucas and Dustin prefer to retreat into humor and avoid serious discussion.

Eleven (Pisces)

This sign is traditionally associated with sensitivity and all kinds of mystical, magical, and spiritual things. In the series, Eleven demonstrates her connection to otherworldly forces, as well as the empathy of a typical Pisces. She also remains slightly naive, which is common for a water sign, and reacts very emotionally to the events in the series.

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