Who Can Replace Jena Malone as Johanna Mason in a Hunger Games Prequel?

Who Can Replace Jena Malone as Johanna Mason in a Hunger Games Prequel?
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Casting the District 7 victor Johanna Mason for a potential Hunger Games prequel could be a challenge, but there are many rising talented actresses who can do it.


  • The Hunger Games prequel’s creators would need to think a lot before casting someone for the role of the wild Johanna Mason.
  • Millie Bobby Brown, Dafne Keen and Bella Ramsey could portray this character.

Assuming that the planned Hunger Games prequel centers on the 71st Hunger Games, they would require to cast a new actress to play Johanna Mason, the character portrayed by Jena Malone in the original movie franchise.

Johanna won her Games using the strategy to convince her rivals that she was nothing to worry about and then killing the rest relentlessly with an axe. A potential prequel about her would be a mindblowing movie presenting the roots of her riot character and never-ending lust for victory.

This casting mission seems to be not simple at all, due to the fierce and controversial personality of the given character. Let's discuss some possible variants of the actresses who could potentially step into Johanna's shoes and portray her inner rebel.

Jena Malone holding an axe in the Hunger Games: Catching Fire

The frontrunner to play Johanna could definitely be Millie Bobby Brown, who is famous mostly for her role of Eleven in Stranger Things. She could fit into the role of the wild, amazonian-like Johanna because of her developed action skills and experience of playing strong characters, combined with her growing celebrity status.

Another potential Johanna could be Dafne Keen, known for daring characters played by her in Logan and His Dark Materials. Given her acting background, she would succeed in filming Johanna’s technical fight scenes and depicting her rebellious nature.

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The next actor doesn’t resemble Jena Malone much by appearance, unlike the first two stars, but they can anyway be a wise casting decision. Bella Ramsey, the star of HBO’s The Last of Us, has all chances to bring their experience of cinema battles and hot onscreen debates into the role of the 71st Hunger Games feisty winner.

Among other young actresses who can depict Johanna Mason we can also name McKenna Grace (Ghostbusters: Afterlife), who looks a lot like young Malone, Elizabeth Gillies (Dynasty), Thomasin McKenzie (Last Night in Soho), etc.

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The above-mentioned young actresses have a lot of talent and experience enough to convey the complex character of Johanna Mason, so the final decision would be a prequel’s creators’ burden.

Keep an eye out on the updates on The Hunger Games franchise’s development, including the choice of the focus of the prequel and its main actors.