Who Could Jason Statham Play in the MCU, According to Fans?

Image credit: Legion-Media

It looks like Marvel Cinematic Universe is on track to sign up another big name.

Jason Statham has apparently joined the MCU, according to a newly-emerged report by GFR. And while it's unclear what character Statham is set to portray, the outlet offered its "strongest guess" and suggested the 'Die Hard' star could be playing Union Jack.

Given that the rumors are still to be confirmed, fans took the liberty of offering other ideas regarding who Statham would play in the MCU. Some people, for instance, think he would be a perfect fit for Wolverine.

Others suggest Ghost Rider.

But a lot of people think that the Union Jack idea also sounds pretty good. This character is portrayed in the comics as the British secret agent who lacks superpowers but is good at things that give off "James Bond plus Captain America" vibes. Statham, who is no stranger to similar characters, could pull off Union Jack pretty well, fans say.

Funnily enough, the British actor was pretty skeptical about joining Marvel back in 2015. Back at the time, he said that Marvel relies too much on visual effects, arguing that even his grandmother could star in such a movie provided she has a proper cape and enough green screen behind her.

Well, just how fast the night changes! However, it is too early to laugh about Statham's change of heart, as the actor himself, or the studio, are yet to confirm these rumors.

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