Who Could Replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in MCU: 5 Actors Better Than Radcliffe

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Sandra Bullock's endorsement of her 'Lost City' co-star Daniel Radcliffe for the role of Wolverine in the MCU sparked many heated discussions. Most fans felt Radcliffe was not mature enough to play the legendary mutant. So, which actor could be a great replacement for Hugh Jackman's iconic take on character?

Jon Bernthal

The most obvious choice is, of course, wonderful Jon Bernthal, whose natural charisma and masculine appearance would fit Logan's character perfectly. However, there is one problem – in light of recent rumors that Marvel is making Netflix series canon, Bernthal would already be part of the MCU. And they can't let him play two main characters at once, can they? Please…

Scott Eastwood

The son of legendary Clint Eastwood already proved himself as a dependable actor, successfully starring in films like 'Fury', 'Wrath of Man' and 'The Longest Ride'. But joining the MCU as legendary Wolverine may not be an easy task for a young actor. But if Hugh Jackman could pull it off back in a day, why couldn't Eastwood?

Luke Hemsworth

Chris and Liam's brother is much less known, although he does have a recurring role in one of the biggest HBO hits, 'Westworld'. Obviously, Luke is physically capable of playing Wolverine, but he might need a brighter acting resume to get this challenging role. But it would be a bittersweet moment if the two brothers were reunited on screen during some Avengers / X-Men crossover.

Karl Urban

Another potential candidate is of course 'The Boys' Karl Urban, whose intense charisma made him incredibly popular fan casting choice. The physical resemblance to Logan as we know him in comics is also incredible. Two problems though –Urban is already part of the MCU with his beloved role as Skurge in 'Thor: Ragnarok', and there is also the issue of age. It's unlikely that Marvel decides to hire a 49-year-old actor for this demanding part.

Danny DeVito

Yep. This is everything we've been waiting for. Marvel, just let it happen! Maybe not within the MCU, but DeVitto has earned the right to test his acting skills by taking out the bad guys as Wolverine.

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