Who Died in Arcane Finale? Here's What Reddit Believes Went Down

Who Died in Arcane Finale? Here's What Reddit Believes Went Down
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That season 1 finale, huh?

It's easy to enjoy Arcane even if you have no idea what League of Legends is, which is probably why the videogame-based Netflix show became such a hit when it premiered back in November 2021.

Naturally, the first season ended with a painful cliffhanger that still has the fandom wondering which of their favorite characters even survived to see the beginning of season 2.

Spoilers for Arcane season 1 ahead!

Who Died in Arcane Season 1 Episode 9?

Currently, the only one who has undoubtedly not survived season 1 finale is Silco — the father figure for Powder-turned-Jinx and the drug lord of the Zaun undercity. Despite Jinx choosing her chaotic evil personality to live with instead of being the innocent Powder her sister Vi tried to bring back, she decided to shoot Silco — only to descend into pure chaos next.

Jinx launched a missile straight into the Council room where the councilmembers were voting for peace treaty with Zaun. Now, even though the finale did not show us the destruction and the victims, Arcane fans on Reddit are pretty sure season 2 will begin with a lot of blood.

Pretty much every single highly authoritative figure of Piltover was there in the Council room, and some people believe that they are all dead: starting with Jayce, "the progress kid," and ending with Mel, his girlfriend and a cunning politician who sought change for Piltover without the aggressive methods her mother loved so much.

This scenario is pretty unlikely, because it would throw the entire episodes of character development out the window. Besides, if we're in for the House-of-the- Dragon-esque Piltover vs. Zaun stand-off in season 2, we need at least someone to represent Piltover, which is why many fans believe Jayce and Mel will surely survive.

Did Viktor Survive?

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The rest of the council, however, is most likely doomed. Some fans, however, point out another potential survivor: Jayce's scientific partner Viktor, who helped him build Hex Gate.

As a representative of Zaun in Piltover, Viktor may be the new hope for the undercity; however, we do know that his disease is eating him alive, so maybe dying from a rocket blast was actually a merciful fate for him.

What About Vi and Caitlyn?

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Violet and Caitlyn, the unlikely duo between a rogue undercity warrior and an enforcer, may find themselves at a crossroad in the beginning of the second season. Clearly, Vi cares about Caitlyn, and the feeling is mutual; however, Vi's sister Jinx can't stand the very thought of her estranged sis being in cahoots with a Piltover enforcer.

Vi has spent the entire first season trying to get back to Jinx and make peace with her. In order to do that, she will likely have to face a choice between Caitlyn and her sister, with the latter quickly descending into madness and terrorism.

Jinx's Future in Arcane Season 2

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When it comes to Jinx herself, few fans believe that things won't only get worse for her from now on. She is likely to get even crazier, launching even more terrorist attacks and thus undermining any potential peace efforts between Piltover and Zaun.

What makes things worse is that Vi is the only person who still believes in Jinx. Ekko, the leader of Firelights, will definitely want a rematch; Caitlyn is no fool to try and help someone who clearly hates her; Silco is dead; and pretty much everyone else in Piltover views Jinx as a terrorist (which is fair enough).

Latest News on Arcane Season 2 Premiere

Little is known about the second chapter officially. Currently, the only thing we know is that Arcane season 2 is to be expected in the fourth quarter of 2024, meaning no sooner than fall or winter.

So far, there have been no teasers, trailers, or any kind of other promotional materials for season 2.

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