Who is Echo And Why Does She Have a Solo Marvel Show?

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The character first appeared in 'Hawkeye' TV series, but is now headed for her own project, and many people cannot wrap their minds around it.

Marvel has announced that the production of 'Echo', a new MCU series starring Alaqua Cox as Echo, has begun.

Maya Lopez was initially introduced in Marvel comics as Daredevil's supporting character. A deaf Cheyenne woman capable of perfectly replicating anyone's movements and combining them with the use of her near-perfect Olympic skills, Echo "must face her past and reconnect with her Native American roots in order to move forward", as the show's official description puts it.

In the comics, she appears in various series, from 'Avengers' to 'Moon Knight'. Lopez was introduced into the MCU in 'Hawkeye' TV show, seeking revenge on Ronin, who killed her father William Lopez. Echo ends up confronting her adoptive father Kingpin after learning how exactly her biological father was killed.

Her solo series, however, remains a mystery when it comes to the storyline. As of now, we only know that she has to somehow "reconnect with her roots", and given that she has not enjoyed widespread popularity before, fans have immediately shown skepticism regarding the upcoming show.

Certain fans have already braced for their favorite characters to appear, showing little excitement about the titular one.

But some people recall other such characters who became fan favorites after landing their solo shows, urging people to watch before jumping to conclusions.

'Echo' was announced in November 2021, and now that it officially began production, the show is set to premiere on Disney Plus at some point in 2023, with the release date still to be clarified.

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