Who is Going to Die in The White Lotus Season 2?

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Too soon? With this show, it's never too soon to predict deaths.

The White Lotus is just one episode in its second season, and fans are already trying to connect the dots and guess who will be dead by the end of the season.

We certainly know that someone will be. The show opens with Daphne, one of the main characters, trying to enjoy her last swim in the sea before departing from the White Lotus — only to come across a dead body in the water.

But who is it going to be? Will there be just one victim or several? Fans are already starting to decipher the mysteries the first episode has set up.

One of the most popular candidates for dying is Aubrey Plaza's Harper. Not because people hate her — on the contrary, Harper seems to already be enjoying a lot of fan love, but the way she behaves and presents herself might put her in danger, viewers believe.

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After all, the very first episode has already provided us with a legend that just has to be leading to something.

"Not to sound judgemental, but I think, Harper and Cameron cheats on their respective partners. So, it could be Harper or Cameron or Ethan or Daphne And don't forget the legend where, the girl chops the head of the man when she finds out that he has wife and family," Redditor themediocrekid said.

Another person fans think could end up dead in the end of the season is Jennifer Coolidge's Tanya. In season 1, she managed to survive the chaos of the Hawaiian resort, but season 2 might not be as merciful to her quirky character.

Other people offer a different view on how things are going to unfold.

"Anyone that is of a lower class, socially or economically or ethnically, has a higher risk of dying – IMO. They are typically (perfectly mirroring real life!) collateral in this show, as evidenced by S1. For that reason, I'm leaning towards Portia, Lucia, Mia, Valentina, and any other named hotel worker being at risk," Redditor EmFly15 suggested.

With the whole season ahead of us, it might indeed be too early to be confident about anything, but never too soon to theorize.

The White Lotus is available for streaming on HBO Max, with new episodes arriving every Sunday.

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