Who Is MCU's Most Overhated Character, And Does He Really Deserve It?

Who Is MCU's Most Overhated Character, And Does He Really Deserve It?
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The new Captain America is the most controversial figure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fight us.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there aren't too many characters that people downright despise. Even guys like Thanos can be understood, if not exactly liked.

However, there is one character who's been getting a whole lot of hate, — John Walker from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. But is he really as bad as people make him out to be?

Over on Reddit, fans have been pretty vocal about their dislike for John Walker. One user pointed out that Walker's actions, especially his violent tendencies, are a result of the serum he took and the grief he's experiencing from losing his best friend.

But others argue that his arrogance and poor decision-making are what make him unlikable. He's been called "useless," "incompetent," and "hotheaded."

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On the one hand, John Walker is dealing with immense pressure and emotional turmoil. On the other hand, his actions and attitude have not endeared him to fans. While he may not be "evil," he's certainly not winning any popularity contests.

Walker is not inherently bad; he genuinely wants to protect his country. However, his arrogance and lack of experience in dealing with the MCU 's big threats make him come off as an unworthy successor to Steve Rogers. Plus, the fact that Steve didn't pick him as his replacement added fuel to the fire.

One thing that's clear is that fans were still emotionally attached to Chris Evans ' portrayal of Captain America. Anyone stepping into those shoes has a tough act to follow. John Walker, despite his military accolades, just doesn't seem to measure up in the eyes of the fans.

Maybe it was a genius move by Marvel? First, they bring in John Walker as this not-so-cool replacement for Captain America, and then they pass on the shield to Falcon, making him look like a way better option compared to Walker.

Even though a lot of people aren't big fans of John Walker, and he's stirred up some controversy, there are still some hopeful fans who think that the upcoming Thunderbolts movie might give him a chance to redeem himself and maybe even win over some hearts.

Source: Reddit