Who Is Vico Ortiz, Breakthrough Non-Binary Star of 'Our Flag Means Death'

Who Is Vico Ortiz, Breakthrough Non-Binary Star of 'Our Flag Means Death'
Image credit: Legion-Media

Taika Waititi's and HBO Max's comedy hit 'Our Flag Means Death' melted fans' hearts with tender LGBTQ+ romances between rag-tag crew of pirates. Among the distinguished cast of the series, Vico Ortiz stands out effortlessly.

Puerto Rico born non-binary actor got their first break tough starring in Amazon's 'Transparent', later securing recurring roles in 'The Fosters' and 'Lucifer '. Their popularity was rising steadily through the years, but the pivotal decision to join 'Our Flag Means Death ' as Jim, first non-binary pirate in film history, really launched them into the stardom.

Not just an actor, but also a multi-talented performer, Ortiz can also be seen doing stunts in numerous TV projects – they worked as a sword fighter on the set of 'Children's Hospital' (2015) and 'Up at 5' (2015), and as a stunt performer – in 'Wide Awake' (2017) and 'My Life as a Video Game' (2014).

Ortiz is also a prominent activist and advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, participating in organizations like The Dru Project and Los Angeles LGBTQ Center. A gifted actor, Ortiz is bound for great things – their recent signing with Paradigm Talent Agency, managing Stephen King and Sydney Sweeney among others, is a clear indication of that.

Fans are loving their turn in 'Our Flag Means Death', dedicating touching tributes to the rising star.

While we are all waiting for 'Our Flag Means Death' – hopefully – to be renewed for a second season by HBO, you can follow Vico Ortiz on Instagram.