Who Rides Seasmoke According to George R.R. Martin Books?

Who Rides Seasmoke According to George R.R. Martin Books?
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Caraxes and Syrax are clearly experiencing some rivalry with the new dragon Seasmoke when it comes to fan love in 'House of the Dragon'.

Seasmoke is one of the many dragons who are set to appear in the first season of 'House of the Dragon '. It was finally introduced in episode 3, titled 'Second of His Name', making a fiery appearance at the end and setting the Stepstones on fire – just in time to save Daemon Targaryen from the Crabfeeders army.

The silver-grey dragon is ridden by Laenor Velaryon in 'House of the Dragon' – just like it is in the books. However, Laenor was not the only person to fly Seasmoke.

According to the books penned by George R.R. Martin, Seasmoke was Laenor's pride and passion, but after his death in 120 AC, the dragon was left riderless. For almost a decade, Seasmoke was not claimed by anyone, living in its lair on the island of Dragonstone. Then, Laenor's "son" Jacaerys offered royal perks for anyone who would be able to claim the dragon. It was a challenging task indeed, as the majority of the claimants were left killed or severely injured by Seasmoke. However, one person managed to do it.

It was Addam of Hull, who claimed Seasmoke at the age of 15. He was believed to be a bastard son of late Laenor, but some rumors claimed his true father was Laenor's parent Lord Corlys Velaryon. Anyway, it would seem that the blood connection with the Velaryons was among the factors that allowed Addam to claim Seasmoke.

It's unclear whether 'House of the Dragon' is going to adapt this storyline at any point, however. Currently, the show has established that Seasmoke is ridden by Laenor. Later in the series, it is highly possible that Seasmoke is going to be one of the dragons to participate in the Dance of the Dragons – a civil war between the Targaryens for the throne.

'House of the Dragon' will have at least nine fire-breathers in the first season, according to showrunners. Every single one of them boasts its own look and personality, with Seasmoke standing out among the other dragons thanks to its pale scales and slightly smaller size.

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