Who Will the Avengers Be in The MCU's Phase 5 Movies?

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Assemble your own Avengers – now that the original gang is retired.

Marvel's SDCC 2022 panel was truly packed with announcements. However, the confirmation of not one but two upcoming 'Avengers' movies was what truly shook fans.

'Avengers: The Kang Dynasty' and 'Avengers: Secret Wars' are going to wrap up MCU Phase 6 in 2025. To say that the plan is ambitious would be to say nothing; not only does Kevin Feige aspire to roll out two major Avengers movies in one year, but also he seems to have a plan as to who might be the part of the legendary superhero team.

Fans, for their part, are divided when it comes to the new Avengers line-up. Now that Steve Rogers passed his title to Sam Wilson, he might be the leader of the new group. However, this group lacks Iron Man, as Tony Stark is dead now, as well as Black Widow. Hulk has apparently distanced himself from his "monstrous" version, while Thor seems to be embarked on his own journey.

Still, there might be hope.

Phase Four might be controversial for many, but it did introduce many new characters. Among those who might fill in the vacant spots alongside Earth's mightiest heroes is Moon Knight: even though his show was not very much connected with the main events in the MCU, there are plenty of possibilities to introduce him into the Avengers.

Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel, might be very much worthy of joining the Avengers as well after she completes her space venture with Captain Marvel and Photon. Such an Avenger nerd like herself would be honored to become a part of new heroes to protect the Earth while Captain Marvel is busy with other planets.

"The characters that have been introduced in Phase 4 will be the new Avengers. And the Avengers have always had a revolving door of superheroes on their team." – @Evangelion217

Besides, even among the good old characters there are people who can join the new team. Bucky Barnes, also known as Winter Soldier, is still very much there, and an Avengers membership alongside Sam Wilson can be something that would help him make peace with himself.

Many people rally for Spider-Man to make his way back to the Avengers team, but now that Tom Holland's Peter Parker is forgotten by everyone, the web slinger might opt for being a "street hero" rather than dealing with massive threats.

Some fans believe that the multiverse allows to go as far as bringing back Iron Man and Black Widow, albeit clearly not reprised by Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johansson.

After all, we will have to wait another three years until the two movies hit theaters. 'The Kang Dynasty' premieres on May 2, 2025, and 'Secret Wars' is to follow on November 7.

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