Why Did Barbie The Movie Fill Timothée Chalamet with Regret?

Why Did Barbie The Movie Fill Timothée Chalamet with Regret?
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Greta Gerwig, the director of Barbie, revealed that Timothée Chalamet’s reaction was rather unexpected when he first arrived on the set of Barbie during the filming.

With Barbie ’s overwhelming success, the entire world learned Greta Gerwig’s name: not only did she provide us with this year’s most-anticipated bright-pink adventure comedy, but she also became the first-ever female director whose movie earned over $1B at the box office. This is definitely the Barbie who showed them all!

But despite the fame the director has to deal with now, Gerwig is by no means a newcomer in the movie industry.

Prior to Barbie, Greta had directed numerous other projects that also involved A-list actors: for instance, she’d already worked with Timothée Chalamet twice by the time she received the green light for Barbie!

Thanks to their fruitful collaborations in the past (specifically — in 2017's Lady Bird and 2019's Little Women), Gerwig and Chalomet have a great relationship, and she even invited him over to the set of Barbie. Apparently, both Timothée Chalamet and Saoirse Ronan, another Lady Bird star, were supposed to be part of Barbie Land!

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Ronan and Chalamet had to refuse the offer because they had huge schedule conflicts, so they didn’t make it into the movie; however, this doesn’t mean they were happy with that.

In fact, during his visit to the Barbie set, Chalamet couldn’t help but express his regret that he had to pass on the movie, as Gerwig revealed.

“I tried to get them both in it. They both couldn’t do it. Although Timothée did come by the set and then said, ‘I should have been in this,’ And I was like, ‘I know! Why aren’t you in this?’” The director shared with HFL during a recent interview.

While Timothée Chalamet couldn’t make it to the first Barbie movie, its phenomenal success implies there will be more sequels and spin-offs, so there’s still a chance that he will appear in future installments. Like, even Cillian Murphy, the star of Barbie’s main competitor, Oppenheimer, wants to become a Ken now — so why not?

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Source: HFL via YouTube