Why Do Marvel Fans Suddenly Hate 'Moon Knight'?

Why Do Marvel Fans Suddenly Hate 'Moon Knight'?
Image credit: Legion-Media

It would seem that not everyone is as fond of Marvel's job on this one as we previously thought.

Months after 'Moon Knight ' premiered on Disney Plus, people seem to be growing frustrated with the show. As it was ongoing, the story about the mercenary struggling to wrap his mind around his mental health issues and superhuman abilities seemed to have received a lot of accolades.

However, new opinions on the show have arrived, and there are plenty of things the newly-emerged critics are disappointed about.

First of all, 'Moon Knight' TV show haters seem to take issue with how the story deviated from the comic books. Particularly, comic fans complain about the show being way less violent and dark than they imagined, especially after a promising start.

"Moon Knight is bad. After the first episode I was like this is new, this is interesting, let's keep watching. You get into the vibe of the main character. Then you get into the next few episodes and it's like where the heck is this story going. It's just so bad." – @radityami.

Certain people were upset with the finale, arguing that it was the worst and messiest part of the show.

"See the cycle goes: first few episodes are good, "the best mcu show" second to last episode is incredible, "by far the best mcu show" but then the finale is sloppy and rushed so it becomes just like the rest." – @Master_Matt_.

The criticism continued even though others tried to convince haters there was a logical explanation behind that.

People are upset that so much of the final battle is cut, but fail to remember we're watching from the perspective of Steven/Marc and thus, won't see what Jake is doing until the end. It's all over the place because that's how Steven and later Marc feel. – @XxDellamorte.

Other people criticized the show for the lack of Jewish representation and reflection on how Marc's faith and origin affected his personality and superhero journey. Some have even accused the show of being anti-semitic.

"Yup. Cause it couldn't even bother to say the word "Jewish" had mark crying over a kippah. And instead of telling a story about a kid who suffered antisemitism they gave him an abusive mom. And explained nothing about how Marc's faith and heritage relate to anything." – @GeekyKaplan.

'Moon Knight' premiered on Disney Plus on March 30, with the finale arriving on May 4. Despite the series ending on a major cliffhanger, it is still unclear whether the studio is going to use Moon Knight in its further projects in any fashion.