Why Hogwarts Express Was Actually an Incredibly Stupid Idea (For Some)

Why Hogwarts Express Was Actually an Incredibly Stupid Idea (For Some)
Image credit: Legion-Media

When someone says "Hogwarts" we all immediately picture the great castle from the movies, the four Houses, and the red train taking excited students toward their new school year — and adventures, of course.

But have you ever realized that the legendary Hogwarts Express was not the best idea in the slightest?

The Hogwarts castle is located very close to Hogsmeade which is referred to as the largest wizard community in Magical Britain and the only town populated entirely by wizards, which makes it safe to assume that quite a big percentage of Hogwarts students at any given year live there.

But Hogwarts Express is mandatory: the Ministry's decree demands that any student either takes the train at the beginning of the school year or doesn't get to study at all.

Apart from the fact that this is quite tyrannical, do you realize what this means for all the kids from Hogsmeade?

Every year, they have to travel all the way to London and take Hogwarts Express just to end up back in their own hometown!

They are obliged to take all those extra steps and spend many hours to end up at a train station that's a few yards away from their house and get to the castle they can literally see through their bedroom windows!

Surely, most of the kids are likely assisted by their parents with apparition or Floo powder to get to London faster, but still, the bureaucratic stupidity of this decree is simply phenomenal.

There's no point in making the kids who live twenty minutes away from the school travel for multiple hours to end up where they started.

Likely, this decree had to do with both discipline and trying to bond the students together… But wouldn't have you hated the entire world, the Ministry, and the kids around you if you had to go through all this useless trouble year after year?

We can only guess how many kids ended up joining the Death Eaters to fight against the Ministry, because of idiotic and infuriating decisions like these… And it's hard to blame them.