Why Is 'Harry's YouTube' Trending on Twitter? Here's What Happened

Why Is 'Harry's YouTube' Trending on Twitter? Here's What Happened
Image credit: Legion-Media

Even if you are a world-famous celebrity, whose new single breaks records on streaming platforms, you're not safe when it comes to hackers.

Seems like Harry Styles ' YouTube channel has been hacked on Tuesday, with a random dude posting a video titled "Daddy Yankee – SPEED IS THE BEST" on his channel.

But the best part? It's been up for almost an hour, with the owners of the channel apparently not being able to kick the hacker out.

According to the video title, it was someone nicknamed @LOSPELAOSBRO who hacked the channel. If one searches for this account on Twitter, they might discover a profile that is indeed boasting a number of celebrity hacks: Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, Michael Jackson and many others. However, no sign of any attacks on Harry's channel there.

An unexpected premiere on Styles' channel has made waves on Twitter. The incident was immediately turned into a meme – yep, no compassion there.

The YouTube comments under the now-deleted video were definitely something.

And yes – according to the screenshots shared on social media, Harry Styles is not alone in briefly losing control over his YouTube channel. Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift appear to have also been hacked.

What can we say? Keep your passwords safe. Even if – especially if! – you are a superstar.