Why is Everyone Suddenly Hating Vhagar on House of the Dragon?

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Tired of everyone being enamoured with the dragons? Well, this one has already secured some haters.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for House of the Dragon episode 7

Yes, you read that right: finally, a dragon in House of the Dragons gets to experience fan outrage and not just unconditional love. However, not everyone is happy about that — because the dragon that appears to have disappointed people is Vhagar, Westeros' biggest and oldest fire-breather alive.

What has this winged girl done to upset fans so much, though? Well, it turns out everything is simple. After the death of her previous rider, Laena Velaryon, Vhagar appeared to be willing to quickly accept a new rider: Aemond Targaryen, who fans believe is simply not worthy of having such a dragon.

According to viewers, this is a big "downgrade" for Vhagar after she's been ridden by Laena — mainly because Aemond is a part of the Greens team, which the majority of House of the Dragon fans hate.

Besides, many fans are outraged because the series never showed us how Laena claimed Vhagar, but they granted Aemond the honor.

"[S]o they didn't show us laena claiming vhagar but they did aemond? [T]hey keep sidelining the velaryons I'm getting pissed," Twitter user Targ_Nation said.

However, there are people ready to defend Vhagar.

"[S]he probably doesn't even know what's going on half the time cause of dragon dementia couldn't aemond just let her rest and mourn," Twitter fan khaleesiharlivy argued.

The fact that Vhagar was so quick to move on from her previous rider has irked many people, but it is true that she is not only the biggest dragon in Westeros but also the oldest. Aemond was quite sneaky to catch the moment and claim her in the middle of the night when she was sleepy and still stunned by Laena's death.

However, the idea that Vhagar might be suffering from some kind of dementia has even been turned into a meme.

Aemond, who was the only one of Alicent's kids without a dragon, appeared to have taken the matter into his own hands — only to engage in a squabble with Rhaenyra's kids and Daemon's daughters and lose an eye in the fight. Still, he got what he wanted, so it seems that Vhagar is now hopelessly team Green.

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Just how that will end for both teams, we will get to see very soon. House of the Dragon is streaming on HBO Max, with new episodes arriving every Sunday.

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