Why is Netflix Losing Money & Subscribers? Here's What Fans Think

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These past several months weren't all that successful for the streaming giant: its Q1 earnings showed that Netflix has lost subscribers for the first time in more than ten years.

Netflix has recently stolen headlines for an unflattering reason: the company continues to cut spending, halt hiring, and even boot some of its employees as figures show the streaming platform's downfall in earnings and shares.

The company's stocks plunged some 35% after its Q1 subscribers' loss, and even Netflix staffers seem to be questioning the platform's future strategy, according to LA Times.

Evette Dionne, a culture critic and Netflix's former staffer, said that lay-offs did not only target Tudum – the platform's fan-oriented editorial website – but also "social channels designed to bring marginalized viewers into the fold (Strong Black Lead, Golden, Most, Con Todo, etc.)".

"There's a deeper story here. I hope we're all paying attention," she tweeted.

Naturally, fans also have a lot of things to say about the company – and maybe its executives could use people's points of view. According to social media users, Netflix has problems with quality content, strategy, agenda, and… its search engine.

With many shows now being canceled, people think that Netflix should do just the opposite: invest in shows that are both new and good.

Others argue that the problem is not about the platform's content at all.

In late April, it was revealed that Netflix's stock fell roughly 50% since March, with the situation slightly improving as of mid-May. As a result, the company laid off several employees from Tudum – something that did not go unnoticed and was heavily criticized by not only those who were forced out but also by subscribers and social media users.

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