Why Is 'Top Gun Maverick' Doing Better At The Box Office Than All The MCU Movies?

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Tom Cruise's latest blockbuster just managed to surpass all Marvel movies with its insane record, and no, it' not about the total amount of money earned.

'Top Gun Maverick' debuted just over a month ago, but it feels like an eternity – the sequel to the 1986 pilot action flick, has already become a great American film, and there's no doubt that it will be fondly remembered for years to come. And even though this weekend's box office receipts are only $40+ million, that number gets downright insane when you remember that this week is the fourth one for 'Maverick', reigning in theaters nationwide.

Yes, Tom Cruise's film earned a staggering $44 million this weekend, becoming the second highest grossing fourth weekend in history, nearly beating the result of Avatar with $50.1 million. Thanks to this feat by director Joseph Kosinski, Tom Cruise will finally be able to boast that his films are better at the box office than the MCU ones, as the best fourth weekend result for the superhero franchise was "Black Panther" with $40.8 million. Just think, even 'The Avengers' failed to keep fans interested in going to theaters for four weeks straight!

There's still a fifth weekend ahead, and if 'Maverick' manages to maintain the same level of interest for another week, who knows, maybe 'Avatar's record of $42.7 million for the fifth weekend will be shattered by unstoppable Cruise.

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