Why 'Teen Wolf: The Movie' Doesn't Work Without Stiles

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The movie based on the iconic show is finally coming, but there are some things about it that make fans ultimately less happy than they could be.

'Teen Wolf: The Movie', as put by Tyler Posey at San Diego Comic-Con, is "the entire show encapsulated in one" which has "everything the fans would want". However, according to a newly-released trailer, there is at least one major character that fans would very much want who is missing.

It is Stiles Stiliniski, who was portrayed in the show by Dylan O'Brien. The new trailer doesn't feature him, and the actor has already indicated that he will not be returning in the movie. According to fans, 'Teen Wolf' is simply not the same without his lovable character, and the trailer only proved that to them.

The thing about 'Teen Wolf: The Movie' is that it seemingly brings back the nogitsune, but ditches the characters who were connected with this storyline the most.

"It's so weird of them to use a villain that is connected to kira/her family/kitsune, but not pay her the same as the rest of her costars or claim she plays no significant role. It's even more weird to not bring back Dylan even though this is kind of his personal villain." – @Debbie25442934

The movie also makes it clear that Allison, whose death fans mourned in the series, is actually alive – which is another thing that raised eyebrows in the fandom. Her return seemed like too big of a thing to simply spoil it in the trailer.

"I can't believe they just spoiled what would've EASILY been Teen Wolf's BIGGEST moment?? This trailer is so terrible I'm so confused?? Allison's death was trending on twitter for DAYS. People were HURT. Why am i finding out about her return THROUGH A TRAILER?" – @leosszn

Many people, however, have already argued that she is going to be the next host for nogitsune now that Stiles is gone.

However, it was O'Brien's character who "brought life" to the show, the majority of fans agree. Which is why, according to some, there is still a possibility that Stiles in, in fact, in the movie, despite O'Brien repeatedly denying it. With Allison's survival being revealed in the trailer, it would seem logical for Paramount to have a bigger surprise up its sleeve.

'Teen Wolf: The Movie' will be streaming on Paramount Plus later in 2022.

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