Why Was Joseph Quinn Crying in an Interview at Showmasters Comic Con?

Why Was Joseph Quinn Crying in an Interview at Showmasters Comic Con?
Image credit: Legion-Media

No words, just feelings.

He might be Eddie freaking Munson, the leader of the Hellfire Club, in 'Stranger Things ', but at a fan convention, listening to someone just being grateful to him, Joseph Quinn is an emotional "baby angel". That's how fans put it.

In case you were wondering, yes, Quinn did actually shed a tear during Showmasters Comic Con in London, when one of the fans just thanked him for how he tried to take his time with fans and inadvertently created long lines, causing convention stuffers to hurry him and the fans up.

While the fan was thanking him for his attitude and also confessing her love to Eddie Munson (this girl has definitely spoken for a lot of us), Quinn was trying his best not to burst into tears. After wiping his face with his hands, Joseph said that the fan was "very kind" and thanked her.

The long lines, according to other people online, were in fact created because the event overbooked the meet&greet tickets while also having to accommodate people who purchased a VIP pass that allowed them to skip the line. Quinn was trying to have some meaningful time with every fan, but staffers kept "yelling" and "pushing" at him because the place quickly became overcrowded.

Well, things ended up just fine, since Quinn definitely knows that his efforts to take his time with fans were not left unnoticed.

The Internet could not be more in love with him after his breakout performance in 'Stranger Things', even though his character Eddie Munson was only there for one season… of course, if the fan theories claiming he is alive are not true.