Wild Theory Ties Game of Thrones to Westworld, Somehow Makes Sense

Wild Theory Ties Game of Thrones to Westworld, Somehow Makes Sense
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This theory might make more sense than the original GoT ending.

There is no doubt that the ending of Game of Thrones was as controversial as it was highly anticipated.

Since there is no ending to the story written by George R.R. Martin himself, because the last book hasn't been finished yet, the showrunners had to take some creative liberties.

The finale they created has sparked a lot of debate within the fandom, to the point where some viewers are desperately trying every fan theory they can to make sense of it.

Perhaps the wildest one was suggested to r/FanTheories by user dylanalduin, inspired by the guest appearance of Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss on Westworld.

Both men appeared to be the engineers working on a half-finished host dragon. What was supposed to be a small nod to the fact that both shows are run by HBO turned out to be the perfect theoretical scenario.

In this imaginary setting, all of the Game of Thrones lore would be nothing more than another park within Westworld, and all of the characters involved in the story would be the hosts.

The only character who would be human would be Bronn, canonically a low-born swordsman.

The choice is not as random as you might think: he has no real backstory to support him and just shows up out there like other guests of Westworld.

Also, Bronn is the only one who not only made it through the show alive, but almost unscathed.

This may seem extremely lucky and unlikely for Game of Thrones itself, but it is very logical when you think about Westworld, as hosts cannot harm guests.

"In a world of characters who are wrapped up in family intrigue, conspiracies, and having to serve a role within a feudal society, Bronn makes his own choices, unfettered and independent, more than any other character. Bronn is playing the Game of Thrones [like] it's Skyrim," the author of the post says, then proceeding to explain Bronn's choices throughout the seasons.

He switches from Tyrion Lannister's storyline to Jaime's after 3 seasons, speedruns through the storyline, skips some major events like the Battle of Winterfell, and makes his way through, collecting numerous achievements along the way.

He ends up sitting on the small council as Master of Coin, which makes no sense in the world of Game of Thrones, but somehow makes sense in this headcanon.

It would be exciting to see an episode like this in Westworld, but the show had a lot to offer its viewers as it was.

You can watch it again on HBO Max and try to find the cheeky cameo of the Game of Thrones showrunners on your own.