Will Ahsoka Die In Her Solo Disney+ Series?

Will Ahsoka Die In Her Solo Disney+ Series?
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The upcoming series, focusing on the life and battles of the beloved Padawan, could be a swan song for the heroine.

The iconic rebel leader, played by Rosario Dawson, will finally properly appear in live-action, and fans are eagerly waiting for 'The Clone Wars' protagonist to headline her own series. After a brief appearance in 'The Mandalorian ', Ahsoka will continue her journey from here on out, and a whole new chapter of her life will be revealed to fans in the near future. But can this intrepid Padawan die in the series?

In fact, Ahsoka has died before, as many avid 'Star Wars ' fans are well aware. In 'The Clone Wars' animated series Ahsoka was mortally wounded during the events in the Mortis Realm, but thanks to the sacrifice made by Daughter, a Force wielder native, she was brought back to life. Not a bad turn of events, is it?

In a discussion on Reddit fans tried to figure out what fate Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau had in store for Ahsoka. Many thought that her absence from the latest 'Star Wars' movies might indicate that she would suffer an unpleasant fate during the events of her solo series. However, it seems that Filoni himself has more promising information on the matter.

"Dave Filoni also said in an interview that Ashoka was still alive post Rise of Skywalker. Although if this was true she'd be in her 70's by then. It's crazy to think by the time she showed up Mandalorian she's already like 45." – /ethenmillard77.

Moreover, some fans have already jokingly accused Dave Filoni of harboring deep feelings for the character, bringing her into every project he touches.

"Seriously – she get put in everything he touches. If Filoni stays in a prominent position, we’re more likely to get Ahsoka burnout than to ever see her ending," – /Love-That-Danhausen.

Other 'Star Wars' fans already have the perfect ending for Ahsoka in their heads, and a violent death has nothing to do with it.

"She won't die. I think the mortis arc and recurring appearance of the bird with her is fore telling of what Filoni wants to do with her. At some point she is going to become a force entity like The Bendu but instead for the Ashla. So they can have her in future stuff for eternity. Even if it is just as an entity sought out for guidance or enlightenment." – /Mekeji.