Will Armor Wars Movie Pave Way For Robert Downey Jr Return to the MCU?

Will Armor Wars Movie Pave Way For Robert Downey Jr Return to the MCU?
Image credit: Legion-Media

More importantly — do we really need this comeback?

Now that Armor Wars has been quickly transformed into a movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter, fans are not only happy for War Machine to potentially receive more attention but also speculated over the possible meaning of this for other Marvel character... including those who are no longer in the MCU.

The Armor Wars shake-up might as well pave way for Robert Downey Jr 's Iron Man to come back, many fans have theorized, in the wake of Tony Stark's role in James Rhodes' life. In fact, fans believe that it is due to Iron Man's comeback that Armor Wars is now a movie, mainly because of Tony's possible return as an AI.

"With Armor Wars being a movie that's about Tony Stark's technology getting put in the wrong hands I think it's very possible we could see Tony return as an A.I.," said influencer Matt Ramos when commenting the news.

Others went further to suggest that Armor Wars might set up the stage for Tony being Riri Williams' AI mentor in Ironheart.

However, there were people who felt that the RDJ comeback is the last thing the MCU needs now, arguing that it would cheapen Tony's sacrifice in Avengers: Endgame.

But there is a way to bring Downey Jr back without ruining it, according to Twitter user kongthemonke.

"All this talk about AI Tony and multiverse Tony, how about a nice little flashback that does neither and instead serves as a heartfelt memory highlighting Tony and Rhodey's friendship before his death? That'd be nice and wouldn't ruin anything," the fan argued.

It's not clear yet whether there is any ground for the fan theories on Stark's return. However, what we do know is that we have to get ready for Rhodey coming back to big screens, although the Armor Wars premiere date is now highly likely to be postponed.