Will Beta Ray Bill Be Introduced In 'Love and Thunder'? Here's What Reddit Thinks

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Rumors that the horse-faced warrior will be introduced into the MCU in the upcoming blockbuster have been circulating for a while now, but they are still difficult to confirm or deny.

Beta Ray Bill appeared in the original Marvel Comics in the 1980s, and since then, this intimidating-looking alien with a heart of gold has gained considerable popularity. First seen in a battle with Thor for the right to possess Mjolnir, Bill later got his own powerful weapon, the Stormbreaker, shown in numerous ‘Love and Thunder’ promotional materials. If this is not a clear indication of the hero's MCU debut, it is at least an acknowledgement that he exists somewhere in the universe.

In one thread on Reddit fans speculated about Beta Ray Bill's role in the upcoming battle with Gorr the God Butcher. Many believe that he will actually appear in front of the audience to save the day. However, this is not the most popular theory, as a lot of fans argue that there simply may not be room in the movie to include this fan-favorite character in the main storyline – after all, 'Love and Thunder' does feel a bit crowded at this point.

Some think the most appropriate stage for Beta Ray Bill's debut would be the post-credit scenes of ‘Love and Thunder’, and fans already have some interesting theories as to what that might look like.

"The teaser showed Thor leaving Stormbreaker in the ground somewhere. I could see the mid-credits being Beta Ray Bill finding it." – /Shady_Hound.

Others are not sure if they will see the warrior in the movie at all, thinking about where he might appear in the future.

"How about in Loki season 2 as a Thor variant? Either have Liam Hemsworth, John Cena, or Patrick Warburton voice him," – /NotTaken-username.

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