Will Henry Cavill Appear at San Diego Comic-Con?

Will Henry Cavill Appear at San Diego Comic-Con?
Image credit: Legion-Media

A lot of fans are already rallying for their one and only man of steel to make an epic comeback.

Warner Bros. and DC have really scaled down their San Diego Comic-Con presence this year, but there is one thing that could make their panels absolutely explosive: the return of Henry Cavill as Superman.

With rumors suggesting that his surprise appearance is planned at Comic-Con, fans can't help but get excited, albeit none of the Cavill-related reports have been confirmed.

According to Deadline, Cavill will appear to "talk up more Superman". Naturally, fans deciphered it to be a hint that DC might already have Cavill on board to put the iconic red cape back on and "save" the DCEU, as some people put it.

Cavill's appearance would indeed be a game-changer that would effectively steal a lot of attention from Marvel's upcoming presentation, with fans already imagining the joy to fill Hall H should the Superman actor appear on stage.

"If WB wants to really go BIG at #SDCC this Saturday and compete against the Marvel noise dropping later in the day, then bringing this guy on the stage in front of 6,000 fans to announce the return of Superman would be an instant all-time Hall H moment." – @ErikDavis

However, Collider's chief editor Steven Weintraub was quick to throw cold water on fans' hopes, tweeting that he is "hearing" that Cavill will be busy filming 'The Witcher ' in the United Kingdom on Friday, which essentially makes his appearance a little bit difficult.

Still, Weintraub quickly noted that there is always a possibility that Cavill joins the Saturday panel virtually.

The only way to know for sure would be to wait till the weekend comes and keep an eye on what happens in Hall H this Saturday.