Will Joseph Quinn Replace Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark in the MCU?

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Who can potentially replace Iron Man if not the most metal guy from 'Stranger Things', huh?

Joseph Quinn who portrayed Eddie Munson in 'Stranger Things' is undoubtedly generation Z's new darling – and it looks like he might be on a mission to replace all the previous darlings.

In recent days, rumors have circulated on the Internet that Marvel is considering replacing Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark in its cinematic universe, allegedly in favor of his young variant from another universe. According to Giant Freaking Robot ( citing its unnamed but trusted source, one of the actors who are on Marvel's list as a potential replacement is Joe Quinn.

This conveniently comes on the heels of a wave of Twitter posts comparing Quinn to young RDJ and noting a truly remarkable resemblance between the two. Moreover, Quinn's 'Stranger Things' character Eddie also channels some sort of a Tony Stark vibe: a charismatic enfant terrible, he is not afraid to challenge the order and turn pretty much anything into a joke – while, of course, being perfectly capable of displaying authentic human emotions.

One's first reaction to the possibility of RDJ's Tony Stark being replaced by a young variant portrayed by Quinn is one word: what a blasphemy! How can they?

The second reaction might be totally different. At this point, the Internet is already full of fan theories as to how can this all tie up in the MCU. The scariest thing about it is that it actually kind of… works.

"I swear, if Marvel wants to bring back Iron Man, reveal that Tony Stark set up a dead man's switch that triggers a clone of a young Tony Stark, embedded with all of original Tony Stark's memories. Joe Quinn would fit in seamlessly." – @MetroManTO

Other people seem to be more excited about the idea of Quinn portraying young Downey Jr in a biopic – yet another fan fantasy based on how similar the two look and behave. Besides, while acknowledging their resemblance, not everyone seems to be hyped about the idea of Quinn inheriting the Iron Man suit from Robert Downey Jr – after all, the latter is arguably the most iconic casting decision Marvel has ever made. A lot of people are against the idea of literally anyone reprising the role but him; and to be honest, the sentiment is quite understandable.

Naturally, there have been no comments from Marvel Studios or Joe Quinn himself about the rumors. The latter, however, has already been made aware of his resemblance to RDJ – something that he seems to be flattered by, saying that Downey Jr is one of his favorite actors.

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