Will K-2SO Be in Andor?

Will K-2SO Be in Andor?
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With Andor set to hit our screens later this month, speculation about whether Cassian's sarcastic droid buddy will feature is doing the rounds again.

K-2SO was a fan favorite in Rogue One and, given that Andor is the story of how Cassian Andor transitioned from being a disillusioned outsider to a key player in the emergence of the Rebel Alliance, it seems fair to assume K-2SO will make an appearance at some point.

But we may have to wait a while to see how the titular character and loveable droid met and formed what would ultimately become a heroic and fatal partnership.

So, will K-2SO make a return in Andor?

The answer to that question appears to lie in the evolution of the series.

Series creator Tony Gilroy has been pretty open about the fact that his original concept for the show was one that envisioned 'Cassian and K-2…like Butch Cassidy and Sundance', but that he felt this would be 'very hard to sustain over the long haul'.

So, we know that K-2SO was a key figure in the first iteration of Andor. However, the show we see will have a very different focus. Rather than being a story of how a fearless double act took on the Empire, Andor is set to reveal the gritty underbelly of resentment that roused the galaxy into fighting back.

We'll see how everyday characters living ordinary lives took up arms – and why.

But what does this mean for the possible appearance of K-2SO?

Well, the truth is we don't know how or when Cassian and his sidekick met. But, while we can't rule out K-2SO featuring in the first episode, it seems unlikely.

Aside from the fact that their coming together at such an early stage seems a long shot, we would also need to question how the friendship would have blossomed at a stage in Cassian's life when he was not yet a fully-fledged renegade – and whether he would have had the knowledge to reprogram an imperial droid.

But, with Andor set to take us from Cassian's time growing up on Fest, all the way to the events of Rogue One, the story of how this unlikely (and popular) duo came to be, looks sure to feature somehow.

Indeed, Gilroy has said that when K-2SO does appear, it will be in 'spectacular fashion.'

The series will include 24 episodes in all. The first 12 will show Cassian's first year as part of the Rebellion, while the final 12 will show his progression to the character we saw in Rogue One. And this is where we are likely to meet K-2SO. Exactly when remains to be seen. But will such a vital and well-liked character only feature in the final episode? Or will he make an appearance early in the second half of the series?

Who knows? But it's sure gonna be exciting to find out!

Disney Plus' Andor is set for the three-episode premiere on September 21.