Will Max Wake Up in Season 5? Reddit Theories Point to Yes

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But it doesn't guarantee any happy ending for our beloved Kate Bush fan.

'Stranger Things 4' has left Max Mayfield in an ambiguous situation of being hanged between life and death, with the last time we see her being in a hospital bed, her limbs broken and her eyes most likely no longer able to see.

Will she even make it? Many people believe that somehow, Max is still alive, but things are unlikely to work out for her any time soon, if ever. With the extent of her wounds and her mind apparently being claimed by Vecna, some people even believe that she was better off dead.

But now that the Duffer brothers decided not to kill her off but leave her in a coma, it might mean that Max will play a significant role in season 5, many fans believe.

One particular Reddit theory suggested that Max might wake up but lose her memories. However, this is when the letters that she wrote to her friends when she first prepared to face Vecna, might be of great use. It might be possible that whatever she wrote in those letters will help her to either get her memories back or reclaim her soul from Vecna.

Another theory offered a beautiful take on how the eyes, which are the window to one's soul, might also be a secret to defeating Vecna.

"The way I see it, Vecna took her soul, and he burst his victim's eyes because the eyes are the window to the soul, and since Vecna didn't finish killing Max properly, her eyes weren't destroyed and could be a potential way to stop Vecna." – /izzyobro.

But the main reason for fans to believe that Max is going to wake up is quite sad if you think about it: Vecna, who is obviously mad and seeks revenge, will use her body as a vessel, just like Mind Flayer did with Billy in season 3.

After all, many Reddit theorists remember that Max and Lucas have that movie night date on Friday – and they better go on that date, no matter when this "Friday" occurs.

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