Will Nightwing Appear In The HBO Max's 'The Penguin' Series?

Will Nightwing Appear In The HBO Max's 'The Penguin' Series?
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Dick Grayson is a beloved hero of the original DC Comics, with millions of fans eagerly following his new adventures every week. So, when will he join Matt Reeves' DC universe?

'The Batman ', starring Robert Pattinson as the caped crusader, premiered earlier this year to great reviews and big box office receipts. And it looks like Warner Bros. is quite happy with the way Reeves has reimagined the famous Gotham characters, booking Colin Farrell, who plays Penguin, for an HBO Max solo show. Filming has already begun, and fans are eagerly awaiting to see if Nightwing will appear in the highly anticipated series.

In a discussion on Reddit, one fan noted that it would be very interesting to see how Dick Grayson would fit into the Reeves universe, and many fans supported the idea, asking the DCEU to make it a reality. However, some were not so optimistic, arguing that Reeves had already outlined the introduction of one Batman sidekick, and it certainly wasn't Nightwing.

"I feel that Dick Grayson would be fairly tough to mold into Reeves Gotham. I also think that we already saw part of Jason Todd’s origin in the opening scene of the Batman. The kid with half of his face painted who wasn’t sure about joining the gang life, I believe to be Jason Todd. Batman thwarts Jason from a life of crime as his origin on the comics so this would be a different play on that." – /blvcksheep_sf.

Yes, it looks like Robin will once again leave Nightwing without a live-action project, and fans are seriously against this creative decision, defending Grayson as the most ideal choice to reimagine on the silver screen.

"I just straight up disagree. Dick's backstory would fit perfectly. From Robin year one to the recent Robin and Batman comic, it can be both very gritty and uplifting. imo Dick is kinda the perfect choice and they'd 100% be jumping the gun to do Jason first," – /Geronuis.

In any case, even if Nightwing's introduction is just around the corner, it is highly unlikely that it will happen in the Farrell series, which is advertised as a grim look at Gotham's crime underworld.