Will Smith Went to a Dark Place When Discussing His $350M Net Worth

Will Smith Went to a Dark Place When Discussing His $350M Net Worth
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The Oscar-winning actor didn’t confirm his $350M net worth but gave a philosophy lecture instead, seemingly stuck in a dark place inside his head.


  • Will Smith used to be the highest-earning actor in the world, but he was never good about budgeting.
  • The Internet suggests the actor is worth $350M now, but Smith refused to confirm or deny that.
  • Will Smith claims he’s now all about giving away and caring for his loved ones, not worldly possessions.

Will Smith has been one of Hollywood’s brightest stars for the longest time; at some point, he was even the highest-earning actor in the world. His reputation took significant hits in the past few years, however, after his wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s…questionable revelations and Smith’s notorious physical assault on Chris Rock at the night of his Oscar coronation.

But despite all the controversies, Will Smith has had an outstanding career — and an outstanding net worth to show for it… Presumably. Because he refuses to address it.

Will Smith Turned Net Worth Question into Deep Talk

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Recently, the Men in Black star sat down with Complex’s Speedy Morman on 360 with Speedy. It didn’t take long at all for the host to wonder about Will Smith’s financial status: on Celebrity Net Worth, the actor’s net worth sits at $350M, but the website can only take you so far. Smith, however, refused to answer the question.

The actor laughed it off and claimed that “worldly things” no longer interested him as he realized in the second half of his life that he wanted to give, not receive money.

“Happy is internal, full frontal contact with your dark knight of the soul and you reconcile that you gotta make happy in here. You gotta make happy in here with none of that stuff. You gotta take happy to the people you love; you can’t try to get it from them. [This way is] not for the faint of heart,” Smith mused.

Will Smith Went Full Philosopher Mode

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The Oscar-winning actor really turned a net worth question into an “is net worth it” question, and he went on and on about happy (which, we assume, means happiness) and being able to give more than you receive. This is a wild change of perspective from Smith who notoriously had problems with the IRS due to his excessive spendings in the past.

Most likely, the troubles of the past few years caught up with the actor and made him think about a higher purpose in life. Which is great, don’t get us wrong — but perhaps, it would have been more suiting before slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars.

Source: Complex via YouTube