Will The Russo Brothers' Next Netflix Film Flop? Here's What Reddit Thinks

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As 'The Grey Man' premieres on Netflix this summer, the superstar siblings are already planning their next movie, starring Millie Bobby Brown and Chris Pratt.

The directors behind 'Avengers: Endgame' continue their collaboration with the streaming giant, developing an incredibly expensive production based on the bestselling graphic novel. The novel, 'The Electric State', written and drawn by Simon Stålenhag, tells the story of an orphaned teenager in a retro-futuristic past where robots and humans live and work together. Brown will lead the movie, and given the film's scale, it could cost Netflix a quite a lot. Not surprisingly, Reddit has a lot to say about Russo's next filmmaking endeavor.

First of all, fans of the original book wonder why the action filmmakers decided to adapt this cozy and quiet story in the form of an over-budget blockbuster. People are already worried that Netflix will ruin another beloved story with its constant pursuit of a huge viewership numbers.

"The book is great, a really original tale that's more like Richard Linklater meets Robert Eggers but science fiction, as drawn by the one of the most talented and influential artists in decades. This movie already sounds nothing like that. $200 million for a story with literally no action scenes? Chris Pratt? There is no character in the book whatsoever Pratt would play. Oh well, I can just pretend it has nothing to do with the source material, just like the Tales from the Loop Amazon thing." – /FranticPonE.

And besides, the whole set-up, from the actors to the narrative details, feels a bit too trite, because every year viewers are shown similar stories.

"Sounds like it was generated straight from the Netflix algorithm (i.e. MBB, Chris Pratt, Russo Bros, sci-fi, robot companion, etc.)" – /StudBoi69.

Russo will have to work hard to create a believable world for their film, as some fans are still willing to give this decidedly unimpressive project a chance.

"I've got the book. They damn well need $200m. Imagine it like annihilation. But it's the entire US and it's all technology stuff, not biological." – /letsburn00.

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