Will Wednesday Be Renewed For Season 2?

Will Wednesday Be Renewed For Season 2?
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Asking for those who have already binged the entire season and can't wait for more.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for Wednesday season 1

Wednesday has only been available for streaming for a few days, but many fans have quickly binge-watched all eight episodes of the first season and are asking for more.

Tim Burton's new take on Wednesday Addams seems to be enjoying a lot of fan love, thanks in no small part to Jenna Ortega 's creepy yet charismatic performance and compelling story.

With the show ending its first season on a cliffhanger, many fans have automatically assumed that there will be a second season, even though Wednesday has not yet been officially renewed.

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Hopes are high for Season 2, as many mysteries remain unanswered. Who is the mysterious stalker who follows Wednesday and takes pictures of her? What happened to Tyler, who turned out to be a Hyde but survived the finale?

And finally, is there any hope for the fan-favorite pairing, Wenclair, to move closer to becoming canon? These questions and more create the suspense that kills us.

Like the fans, the creative team behind Wednesday seems to be full of hope. Wednesday showrunners Alfred Gough and Miles Millar seem inspired about the show's future, telling TV Guide that Wednesday has already had a great journey and there is more to come in terms of her story, emotions and even romance.

With fans already saying they have "never been more desperate for a Season 2", Twitter threads are full of people patiently waiting for a renewal announcement as "Wednesday Addams", "Jenna Ortega" and "#wednesdaynetflix" are trending.

However, the showrunners have neither confirmed nor denied Wednesday's renewal. It's likely that fans will have to wait a while for Netflix to clear things up, as the platform needs to crunch the data, which can take up to two months, as it did with The Sandman.