'Wonder Woman 3' Villain Confirmed By Insider

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After the disappointing second installment of the Gal Gadot-led blockbuster all eyes are on the threequel, which is in desperate need of a believable and terrifying antagonist.

Patty Jenkins managed to strike gold with her portrayal of the all-powerful Amazon, making the first film a huge critical and box office success. Despite the fact that the director failed to reach heights in the second film, the DC fandom is still ready to give her another chance. The currently scant plot details have fans desperately waiting for something, and it looks like one industry insider managed to provide them with some exciting information after all – the reveal of 'Wonder Woman 3's main villain.

According to LookUponTheStars, Wonder Woman will finally meet her match, as one of her oldest enemies, Circe, will appear in the upcoming film. The ancient and immortal sorceress has already defeated the beloved heroine several times in the original comics, so it looks like the movie will be pretty intense in terms of suspense and action.

Fans of the mighty villain are already glowing with happiness, hoping that Patty Jenkins will learn from the mistakes of 'Wonder Woman 1984' and delight DCEU viewers with her third outing.

"God I hope so! Been wanting her from the start. This and Nubua potentially being in the movie makes me excited. But I hope to God Patty learned from WW84 and has someone else writing the movie with her. I say that as someone who enjoyed WW84 for what it was." – /rkm223.

But some fans aren't too happy about Circe being the main villain, calling this choice of antagonist rather uninteresting.

"Probably the second most iconic Wonder Woman villain in her supposedly final movie? No way. This is like very high on the list of the safe bets in the history of safe bets." – /TheDarkPinkLantern.

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