Worst Changes MCU Made From Comic Books, According to Fans

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You can't please everyone when you're making a comic book adaptation, but some things just don't sit well with the majority of fans.

While certainly managing to grasp the spirit of the Marvel universe and bring it to screens, the MCU also has a couple of flaws. Some of them have nothing to do with comics, but a couple, fans argue, were the result of the cinematic universe making bad decisions when adapting the comics.

In order to discuss the worst changes made from comic books, Marvel fans gathered in a separate Reddit thread. Among the most painful grievances was the way the cinematic universe appears to be developing too fast to implement all the amazing villains that comic books have.

"It makes me so sad that Klaw just get shot like that. Andy Serkis did an extremely entertaining character that I just wanted more of, then BOOM shot by killmonger like a star trek red shirt." – /jicty

Naturally, everyone understands that the movie universe simply cannot have all the cool villains comic books have space to develop. After all, when comic fans could have spent decades watching villains and heroes clashing in fights, movies and especially streaming have changed the way we consume content, and things need to be faster and more exciting every time. But the way the MCU appears to give the Marvel villains "one and done" treatment appears to frustrate a lot of people.

Another great disappointment is connected with Taskmaster, who, according to fans, ended up being an "unrecognizable drone" with none of the personality traits that the original character presented in comics had. Although some people still appear to have hope.

"I see some people speculate that since it was called the "Taskmaster Protocol" in the film. The red room based this version off the actual Taskmaster who has his comic personality and has actual photographic mimicry." – /DanTM18

Taskmaster was incorporated in the MCU in 'Black Widow', but the way he ended up being a mute black widow with "practically no personality" still irks many fans.

The tendency in the MCU to add – sometimes unnecessarily – jokes also appears to be irritating for a lot of original comic fans. In fact, this one connects to the grievance about villains – one of the bad guys that was "ruined" with humor, fans believe, was Ultron.

"You know what would make Ultron a scarier villain? If he spouted off wise-cracks all the time." – /Earthpig_Johnson

Fans argue that "when everyone is funny, nobody is". This seems to be a problem with Phase Four specifically, as it appears to lean even heavier on comedy and jokes. The fourth installment of the Thor franchise, however, has proven that one does not need to be a comic fan to dislike this tendency.

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