The Worst Thing Yellowstone's Beth Has Done in Season 5 So Far

The Worst Thing Yellowstone's Beth Has Done in Season 5 So Far
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This woman is not even fun to hate anymore.

Season 5 of Yellowstone has made Beth even more insufferable than she already was. However, episode 4 appeared to mark a new low for her.

When Beth comes to realization that Jamie has a child in episode 4 that aired this Sunday, she had the worst possible reaction. She threatened to ruin the lives of both the kid and his father, immediately turning away even those viewers who were still ready to feel for her.

Beth's threats towards a child have already been dubbed the worst thing she has done in the season so far; and it's not even mid-season finale yet.

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Moreover, according to fans, Beth's escapades do not even help the story move forward; they are just there for people to hate. And viewers seem to have reached the point when they want the character to finally go.

"Beth needs to be killed off as a character on the show. She adds nothing to each episode, just a catalyst for an altercation," Redditor Irishgreen24 noted.

However, other people wonder if Beth is capable of something even worse. As of now, the answer might be yes.

"Beth, I feel, would definitely cross a line were she to harm Jamie's son. Without question, John would never forgive her if she went after a child (after she'd set up Summer, he told her they don't go after sheep but wolves--just realized the irony considering the wolf situation). Then, I wonder if she did go after his son, would she find herself unable to follow through?" Redditor AStoryGood wondered.

The episode has concluded with Beth clearly planning her next move, so fans are already fearful of what is to come.

Paramount Network's Yellowstone season 5 premiered on November 13, set to consist of 14 episodes. It's unclear whether the fifth chapter will be the final one, or the series will get renewed.