Yellowstone Fans Got a Lot to Say About Monica's Fatal Decision-Making

Yellowstone Fans Got a Lot to Say About Monica's Fatal Decision-Making
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In each subsequent season of Yellowstone, Monica Dutton assumes a larger role.

The character has evolved from a teacher at nearby Broken Rock Reservation to the love interest of Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes). The couple exchange vows, give birth to a son, and elect to leave the Dutton ranch for good at the end of season four.

However, with the arrival of season five of Yellowstone , the attitude toward Monica is shifting.

Kelsey Asbille, who portrays Monica Dutton in Yellowstone, has been hearing it from audiences. It appears viewers are not at all pleased with her character's decision in the second episode of the new season (S5, E2: "The Sting of Wisdom").

In fact, Yellowstone fans got a lot to say about Monica's fatal decision-making that leads to tragedy in the new season.

In case you missed it (spoilers ahead), Monica has been pregnant with her second child. Kayce and Monica were anticipating the delivery, an event that unfolds throughout the second episode. Monica, who has already given birth to John Dutton's first grandchild (Tate), makes a rash decision after experiencing troubling contradictions. Despite Kayce already calling for an ambulance, she makes the grave decision to leave. The choice proves fatal as Monica experiences more contradictions on the road to the hospital and gets into an accident. The tragedy leads to the loss of Kayce and Monica's second child.

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The somber second episode in the fifth season of Yellowstone has ignited plenty of criticism. Yes, for starters, fans were devastated to witness the loss of their baby. On the other hand, most viewers couldn't help but point the finger at Monica. The criticism is rampant ranging from people sounding off on Twitter and Reddit.

For many, the decision to leave the house was reckless. Kayce had already contacted emergency services and an ambulance was heading for the residence. Instead, Monica decided to get behind the wheel while clearly not in a position to do so. For some, it's the equivalent of driving drunk or looking at your phone while operating a motor vehicle. It's just foolish.

Furthermore, fans of Yellowstone added that the rash, fateful decision was unorthodox for Monica. As one viewer argued, Monica is supposed to be intelligent. Why would she dare drive herself?

It's a valid point and has left audiences scrambling to piece together season five of Yellowstone. The new season has opened to mixed reviews yet Kelsey Asbille begs audiences to remain patient.

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After such a terrible loss, we can see Monica having an identity crisis. But as the saying goes, when you hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up, so Asbille talked about Monica reaching a definitive moment "where she chooses life and works toward healing". Indeed, the latest season of Yellowstone has already featured a lot of the character as she navigates tensions between the Dutton family and ranch along with Native Americans of Broken Rock.