Yellowstone: Matthew McConaughey's Spin-Off Eyeing An A-List Co-Star For Him

Yellowstone: Matthew McConaughey's Spin-Off Eyeing An A-List Co-Star For Him
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Taylor Sheridan is about to conclude his hit series Yellowstone, but that’s fine by fans: in the meantime, the spin-off with Matthew McConaughey is taking shape.


  • Taylor Sheridan ’s original Yellowstone series ends with Season 5 Part 2, but there’s already a sequel in development.
  • The Matthew McConaughey-led spin-off is supposed to follow the events of the original series, but few details are known about it.
  • According to recent reports, Michelle Pfeiffer is in talks about co-leading the new TV show alongside McConaughey.

The unforgiving march of time that draws the finale of Yellowstone closer every day doesn’t feel so frightening when there’s an entire Matthew McConaughey-fueled spin-off series in the works. Now, we finally have another potential lead star’s name: according to the recent reports, she might become McConaughey’s on-screen partner in Taylor Sheridan’s new yet-to-be-named TV series.

Who Will Co-Star In McConaughey’s Yellowstone Spin-Off?

The mysterious project that’s seemingly supposed to take the original Yellowstone’s place after the latter’s finale has been rumored for months at this point, but next to no exact details — aside from Matthew McConaughey’s involvement — have been disclosed to the public. Now, we have a first tiny glimpse at the project’s state.

According to Puck’s report, Michelle Pfeiffer, the star of Scarface and Batman Returns, is currently in active negotiations about joining the upcoming Yellowstone spin-off and is expected to give the final answer soon. She’s supposed to co-lead the new series on par with Matthew McConaughey which sounds like a great offer.

Sheridan Covers The Yellowverse In Stars, Literally

The news of Michelle Pfeiffer’s potential co-leading the unnamed Yellowstone spin-off with McConaughey supports Taylor Sheridan’s classic trend: he wants Hollywood’s best and finest in his shows. This became especially obvious after Sheridan hired Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren for 1923, and remains true now.

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Apart from employing the big-name stars who haven’t been part of the Yellowstone world just yet, Sheridan also seeks to return some of his actors from the original series. Reportedly, he’s in negotiations with Luke Grimes, Kelly Reilly, and Cole Hauser; on the other hand, Kevin Costner’s return seems quite unlikely despite the rogue star’s apparent regret of his choice and desire to remain for the Season 5 finale.

As Yellowstone’s finale draws closer, we’re bound to receive more news about the spin-off series. While little is known now, we’ll be keeping a close eye on any reports about the McConaughey-led series and its development.

Source: Puck