You Won't Believe Who Was Tyler Posey's First Kiss

You Won't Believe Who Was Tyler Posey's First Kiss
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We all have memories of our firsts.

Some are precious, some not so much. In any case, such a major event in life never gets forgotten. And the person we first kissed will always be a special one for us, even if it was just a 5-year-old kindergarten classmate. For Tyler Posey, this special person is Miley Cyrus.

The star of MTV's Teen Wolf opened up about this fond memory of his in an interview with ETonline. The kiss happened on the set of Doc, the PAX medical drama. The show was about a small-town doctor, played by Billy Ray Cyrus, who moved to New York City to open a practice. Naturally, Miley Cyrus played his daughter in several episodes. Tyler Posey played a boy adopted by the doctor's friend and was a regular on the five-season series.

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Posey was the only kid on the show, so when Miley Cyrus appeared on the set, he was excited to meet a new friend. They even started "dating" at some point. When they first kissed, Posey was nine years old, Cyrus – two years younger. Posey remembers that time with fondness.

"I would get excited when we would hold hands. We were both goofy, and she was really loud, sweet, and funny — just a really cool kid."

This sweet puppy love lasted for two years and never evolved into a serious relationship. Since the time described, Myley Cyrus dated many celebrities and was married to one. She dated Nick Jonas, Justin Gaston, had a brief fling with Avan Jogia and Justin Bieber. Then she met Liam Hemsworth on the set of The Last Song. Their relationship lasted for ten years, on and off. They even got married in 2018 but separated less than a year later. While she was off with Hemsworth, Cyrus dated Kellan Lutz, Jared Leto, Mike WiLL Made-It, and Patrick Schwarzenegger.

Posey describes Miley as "herself at seven years old." He said, "she knew who she was" even then. So it is only natural that Miley has been open about her sexuality and added several girlfriends to her dating list. Stella Maxwell, Kaitlynn Carter, and Cody Simpson have all dated the singer.

Tyler Posey similarly calls his sexuality fluid. Posey was in a 12-year relationship with Seana Gorlick, his middle school sweetheart. After they broke up, he dated Disney Channel's Bella Thorne, then Sophia Ali, his Truth or Dare costar. Posey is currently dating the singer Phem.