Young Sheldon Can Save Itself By... Completely Ruining Big Bang Theory

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Can it just, you know, stop being a prequel?

Young Sheldon has a lot of inconsistencies regarding its place in The Big Bang Theory universe. In fact, there are so many that some fans are starting to think that the show can just forget about it and basically cut all ties with the original series.

At this point, fans think that Young Sheldon can actually do itself a lot of justice by doing that and changing one specific thing that cannot be undone unless the prequel is declared non-canon.

According to Redditor masterattackman, in the wake of Young Sheldon's success, the writers should at least consider making the show non-canon and just not kill off Sheldon's father.

After all, fans have somehow come to terms with Meemaw's gambling room and Pastor Jeff being controversial. So why not keep Sheldon's father alive?

"I have a theory that this show is a parallel universe to The Big Bang Theory. [There are] too many inconsistencies between Young Sheldon and Big Bang to ignore. I hope they do. It also fits with Sheldon's beliefs that there are infinite Sheldons," Redditor justadogdontblameme said.

Some fans, however, feel that the show should stay as it is, no matter how unfair people feel it treats some of the characters. After all, that's the most painful thing about prequels – knowing that you can't really change anything without "cheating" by going the multiverse route.

Young Sheldon is currently in its sixth season, with a new episode premiering on February 2.

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