Young Sheldon Fan Theory Explains Every Single Deviation From TBBT

Young Sheldon Fan Theory Explains Every Single Deviation From TBBT
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It all can make perfect sense in the end.

It's no secret that fans love and adore Young Sheldon just as much as The Big Bang Theory.

In fact, some would argue that they enjoy the prequel more because it got rid of the forced laugh tracks and found the perfect balance between comedy and drama.

It also managed to do something The Big Bang Theory never did: get away from Sheldon being the main character who always gets excused for everything he does.

As much as audiences enjoy Young Sheldon, they are also confused by some of the show's differences from the original.

Sure, some small details could have been changed along the way and gone unnoticed because they don't have much impact on the plot, but some things are just too big to miss.

For example, George's whole character is written much better than he was described in The Big Bang Theory, or the whole existence of Paige.

What helps the show now is the dedication of the fans and their willingness to accept even the craziest theories. Some of them would even make sense for the series finale.

As some have suggested, the entire Young Sheldon series may turn out to be nothing more than Sheldon Cooper's autobiography, or biopic.

As he said himself, there should be a book or movie made about him someday, and, well, this show seems like the perfect opportunity to be just that.

Knowing how male celebrities actually tweak their biographies to make them more interesting and sell better to the public, any discrepancies would be explained and excused.

Also, such an approach would explain the narratives of other Big Bang Theory characters we've had so far: Amy and Howard.

Since they're both very close to Sheldon, they'd probably say a word or two about his background for the book, the movie, or even a podcast.

This twist could nicely tie Young Sheldon, with all its plot imperfections, into the same universe as the original show.

Whether or not this is the direction the show is heading, we'll have to wait and see. Tune in to CBS on Thursdays or stream the show live or on-demand with Paramount Plus to not miss another episode.

Source: Reddit