Young Sheldon Fans Panic For No Reason: S7 Is Still Coming To CBS

Young Sheldon Fans Panic For No Reason: S7 Is Still Coming To CBS
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But the hiatus will take much longer than usual.

It's safe to say that the recent announcement of the SAG-AFTRA actors' strike has added to the ongoing confusion of the WGA writers' strike. With viewers of so many TV shows completely out of the loop on what's going on and what industry professionals are fighting for, the shutdown of many productions is causing panic among the general public.

Young Sheldon 's fandom, though it includes a number of original Big Bang Theory fans who survived another writers' strike in 2008 and know what they're dealing with, has also fallen victim to the panic.

With the recent announcement of changes to CBS' fall schedule, many people were left disappointed that their favorite shows were not on the list. Instead of bringing back seasons of their hits, including Young Sheldon, the network decided to stream the shows borrowed from their sister streaming services.

What does this mean for the average TV viewer? Instead of NCIS, Young Sheldon and Blue Bloods, you're more likely to stumble upon an episode of Yellowstone or SEAL. This solution will help networks mix unscripted reality shows and survival games with some pre-scripted content.

For the actors, this decision may create a need to extend the strike. Seeing that the strike isn't as disruptive as they'd hoped in the short term, they may have to go further and wait for the content to run out. For viewers, however, this just means more free shows to enjoy.

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If you wanted to get into Taylor Sheridan 's Yellowstone but didn't want to spend money on Paramount Plus, now is the perfect time to tune in.

As for Young Sheldon season 7, it will continue to air on CBS once the strikes are over. The show has already been renewed for season 7, and there has been no news of the cancellation, so any delays are related to the inability to write or film new episodes. Until then, it's better to prepare for the long wait.

So, forget the panic, hold on tight, and stay tuned to not miss any important news or updates!