'Batgirl' Shot Down After Months of Production, And Fans Are Shook

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It appears that her watch is over.

If you have been waiting for HBO Max's 'Batgirl' to release, we've got bad news for you: Warner Bros. has axed the movie, and it will not premiere on any platform – neither in theaters, nor on HBO Max.

The shocking news comes despite the movie's $90 million budget and the fact that a lot of effort has already been put into the movie. According to Variety, the studio decided to kill the movie altogether not because of the film's quality or some kind of crew issues but rather due to the goal for the DC features to be of "blockbuster scale".

Initially, 'Batgirl', with Lesley Grace in the titular role, was planned for home screens but now it won't even appear on those. And it looks like fans are truly mourning the axed movie.

"It takes an insane amount of time, energy, & cooperation to make a film. There's people who dedicated years of their lives to bringing Batgirl & Scoob 2 to life & for the films to be practically finished just to be scrapped is disgraceful. Sending love to those affected." – @therealsupes

Some people, however, claim that Warner Bros. are playing coy about the actual reason for killing 'Batgirl' and in fact the cancellation stems from the movie being so bad it doesn't fit any platform. Among such people is pop culture insider and podcast host John Campea. He tweeted that the decision by Warner Bros. to shoot down the movie was a sign of "real leadership" that proved the studio's commitment to "fixing DC's image and changing the perception that they are 2nd class to Marvel". Campea later removed the tweet, saying he wanted to save his thoughts for the upcoming show.

But not everyone is ready to believe the critics.

"Folks who are like "Batgirl was shelved because it was bad" acting as if that has ever stopped WB from releasing something before, lol." – @RICHARDLNEWBY

'Batgirl' cancellation is even more surprising in the wake of Warner Bros. doing essentially nothing to address the controversy around 'The Flash' and its disgraced star Ezra Miller, who has recently found himself in legal troubles over accusations of harassment and kidnapping of a minor. It would seem that the studio is determined to try and brush the controversy under the rug as much as it can.

Currently, 'The Flash' remains delayed to a 2023 release. 'Batgirl' was initially supposed to be released on HBO Max this year.

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