'Black Adam' New Trailer Finally Introduces Its Creepiest Villain Yet

'Black Adam' New Trailer Finally Introduces Its Creepiest Villain Yet
Image credit: Warner Bros.

DCEU fans are getting more excited by the minute.

With only a month and a half left until 'Black Adam 's premiere, the promotional campaign for the next DCEU blockbuster is gaining momentum; following a collection of posters, a brand new epic trailer has appeared online, showing some new scenes with the indestructible hero Dwayne Johnson and his entourage, and revealing the first look at the creepy villain Sabbac played by Marwan Kenzari.

Jaume Collet-Serra's blockbuster will officially introduce to the DCEU one of the most intriguing comics anti-hero. The Rock's Teth-Adam has been imprisoned for thousands of years. This fate has befallen him because he has used his limitless power to avenge his loved ones. Having finally managed to escape captivity, Adam begins to seek answers, while administering justice, fueled by an animal rage. He is challenged by the Justice Society of America, led by the powerful sorcerer Doctor Fate (Pierce Brosnan ). Some fans have already noted how the newest 'Black Adam' trailer looks more like a trailer for a Justice Society movie rather than Black Adam's origin story.

This is actually not the only problem DCEU fans have with the trailer – and with the movie itself. To some of the fans, 'Black Adam' looks just a bit too generic, a pretty basic story about a bad guy, who's actually not that bad, realizing his humanity in the third act and going all in against the hidden villain in the final battle. 'Black Adam' is certainly not the first superhero movie to use this plot structure, so fans are understandably aggravated and more than a little bit tired of it.

Not-so-hidden villain of the movie is Sabbac, who you can see at least twice in the newest trailer. He's the main threat of the movie and a kind of creepy-looking evil thing certainly able to deliver some long-awaited raw and brutal action, seeing how there are superhuman strength, speed, durability and fire-breath among his abilities in the comics.

'Black Adam' is set to premiere in the US October 21, 2022.