'I Feel Scared': Fans React To 'Interview With The Vampire' First Look

Image credit: Legion-Media

Over at People the first look at the upcoming 'Interview with the Vampire' reboot series was revealed, but it seems like the fans are not happy at all.

Newest adaptation of Ann Rice's bestselling eponymous novel looks to capitalize on the success of 1994 cult-classic film of the same name. According to AMC, series is "created for a modern audience", and that certainly leaves some questions. First-look images suggest a more common approach in depicting the world of the novel than a splendid mid-90's baroque reinterpretation courtesy of Neil Jordan. Fans are worried that upcoming TV show will be in the vein of 'Bridgerton', which would certainly let down the great original.

The whole 'modern audience' deal is not sitting well with the audience itself – many people believe that great films shouldn't be touched, especially if the company behind this is trying to cash in on the original's popularity.

'Interview With The Vampire' will be released sometime in 2022.

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